The Current Trend Of Procurement Jobs

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Are you ready to attend a procurement interview? How do you express in front of hiring manager determines whether you are suitable for job or not. Hence, you should be well prepared to align your words before stepping into the room. This report will enable you to understand the hiring trend and what companies are expecting from their prospective employees. Read on…

Hireo complied procurement job report in the year 2015, which says, assessing your skill sets is vital to stay on race and get a better position. According to the report, companies always look for employees equipped with basic sourcing expertise, domain experience, and category experience. If you are willing to crack the interview and stand aside from crowd, prepare yourself on these areas.

The most common job titles used by different leading companies in procurement department are picturized below;


 The average experience requirements for aforesaid positions are;

Sourcing 1

The job responsibilities for procurement remains the same, nonetheless, it is significant to have a wide set of skills to grab the desired position. According to the report, companies are looking for candidates possessed with below mentioned skills.

Sourcing 2

There is always a debate the employees with professional certification are always in demand, however, according to the Hireo report, 76% of procurement jobs do not require any certification, whilst 24% of jobs requires mandatory certification.

With this knowledge, now you are ready to hit the target with confidence, though, the aforesaid points are important to consider, it is vital to prepare yourself for some common interview questions such as;

  • Tell me about yourself: Hiring managers break the ice with this question and you are expected to answer it perfectly. Talk about your personal interests and reveal your intellectual side. Share your professional skill that highlights your values. Make sure you maintain a fine balance between expressing your personal intellectuals and professional knowledge
  • Strength and weakness: Answer this question with a positive attribute.
  • What categories you have managed: Explain the size of RFP’s you have handled and explain the process you follow while researching.


It is always good to be prepared before you attend an interview. Make sure you know about the company and equip yourself to answer all questions related to your professional.

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