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Supply Chain Resolution In 2017

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As 2017 approaches within few days, the world witnesses unprecedented changes. The uncertainty in global economy, advanced technologies, new invention, extensive research in various fields made people to look forward for mind boggling changes. As we start a countdown to welcome 2017 in open hands and say goodbye to 2016, let’s have a look on changes to be expected in supply chain and how the rise of various technological innovations disrupts the existing chain.

The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) defines supply chain as the customer centric platform that captures and manages real time data to stay in tune with demand stimulation, sensing, matching and management. According to CGI, the supply chain is beyond procurement, manufacturing, logistics and returns, which revolve constantly around an organization. As we can notice, the innovation in technology are beyond expectations and with the emergence of Big Data, Robotics, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, change is inevitable for Supply Chain.

Right from its inception, the number of ways we manage our supply chain has seen a lot of changes, and at times, it had become more complex. The velocity at which changes are expected is rapidly increasing, hence it is a time for organizations to understand the complexities and dynamics of the supply chain and forward towards improving the process and augment its efficiency. While the new year are days away, people are thinking about their resolution, what is your supply chain resolution, this year?

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Change “Complex” To “Simple”

It is an undeniable fact that supply chain has seen record recalls – not the only this industry that has seen these changes, but every industry witnessed it. As the technology keep on changing, supply chain witnessed and sustained many complexities and sometimes it encountered much worse situations! However, when the change is for good, the need to adopt proves to be a smart move. Organizations need to redesign the process to simplify interactions and they need to address the complexity by consolidating suppliers and simplifying product designs. Make sure you eye on implementing new technologies that reduce these complexities in upcoming years!

Upholding Transparency

Transparency acts as a backbone for the growth of business. A crystal-clear relationship in the business sustain complex situations whereas the other side is near to impossible. Companies ought to monitor their CSR relationship closely to make sure that they’re really “walking the walk” and not just “talking the talk.” Most importantly when transparency in maintained in supply chain practices, thy organization will be saved from receiving unpleasant surprises.

Offer Experience

Another trend that industries are witnessing is that customers are focused more on experience rather than products. When organizations promise something to offer, customers look forward to experience it, no matter what, they hold the company responsible if they fail to experience the same when purchased. The company-customer relationship intensifies when the company offer the same experience as they advertise. This new year, know how your products helps delivering the expected experience to your customers before moving forward to check the analytics.


As we close 2016 within few days and embrace 2017, aforesaid supply chain resolutions perhaps, may prove to be a right strategy to taste the success in no time.

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