Social Media Challenges For Business Marketing

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Today, the world of internet is inundated with most popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and the list goes on. With its inception, the landscape of social media keeps on evolving with the time and popularity.

According to the Road Warrior Creative, in the year 2015-16, there is an incredible rise in the usage of social media.

Social Media users

As the presence of social media is rapidly increasing, marketers found it as one of the top best platforms to advertise their company products and services. However, marketing over social media is considered as a good option only when they are capable of taking out the most of its benefits.

According to the Clutch Survey, 73% of business owners prefer using social media for marketing as they believe that social media can be a good starting point for their business.

Social Media survery

With the above given graphs, the point is very clear that today, social media acts as one of the best tool for marketing. As people amass here, crossing the boundaries, to catch updates, it is the best place to attract more customers and achieve the idea of global presence.

However, in order to get more out of social media, it is essential to think different or unique. Most of the marketing managers forget that social media is made for people, but not for advertisement. Analyze the top social media trends that can change the phase of your business and device the marketing campaign accordingly.

Top Social Media Trends

Social Customer Service

There is no hard core secret in this part. With the effective social media tools, companies can interact and engage with their prospective customers that helps taking forward the passive relationship with active interaction. Nevertheless, connecting with the customers real-time can be a challenging task.

Gone are the days where customers were waiting to interact with the company. Nowadays, customers are never going to wait for the company. They need to connect instantly and also they look for assurance that the company is listening to them and they care for their customers.

So, how do you anticipate this trend and establish a connection with the customers? Create an appealing customer page where every employee of the company can interact with the customers. It is vital to focus on existing customers as the company cannot afford losing them. It is a fact that attracting new customer is 5-6 times expensive than managing the existing customers.

New customers

According to the American Express reports, 78% of customers left the company due to poor customer service.

Customer Service

Creating an unforgettable impact in social customer care service is vital to establish a strong foothold in the business market. Company can achieve this by pleasing their customers with post feedback surveys, relationship surveys and customer happiness surveys. For instance, if the customer uses the company service to get his job done, sending surveys and answering the questions/queries make them feel connected to the company.

Employee advocacy

According to the Cisco reports, employees have 10 times more followers than the company and 8 times the engagement they do. Isn’t a cool idea to involve the employee’s of a company for social media marketing? It is always a fact that employees wish to spread a good word about the company they are working for and they just need a way to express their feelings. Why can’t they use their social media profiles to engage more people? Companies that considered this strategy taste the success through the employee profiles.

Content Sharing

Making a video

According to eMarketer, people, who can be potential customers, are interested in watching videos than reading blogs, articles or any other contents. According to the reports, people watched 21 minutes video a day in 2011, but now, on average, people are watching 5.5 hours video every day. A steep increase on time spent on watching videos within 5 years and down the line the time spent on watching videos can rise.

Irrespective of live streaming videos, viral videos or as simple as photo videos, customers are taking their obsession of watching videos online to a whole new level. As this is the current trend and people interest, companies can utilize this opportunity to post creative videos to capture customer interest and drive-in more traffic.

Create brand ambassadors

Creating a brand ambassador doesn’t mean that the company should look for a popular figure and sign him as a brand ambassador, instead it means creating ambassadors by providing excellent customer service. If the company is successful in achieving this target, every customer acts as an ambassador aka influencer who actively supports the company.


Social media keeps on evolving and it is must to keep a pace with these changing trends. It doesn’t matter whether you embrace this change today or tomorrow, but without a perfect marketing strategy, it is always challenging to maintain a strong position in the consumer market.

As Max McKeown expressed, “Adaptability is the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”

What is your strategy to excel in business utilizing the most powerful tool of social media??? Do let us know in the comment section.

One thing is sure, with the popularity of social media, purchasing made simple, always!!!


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