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This Year- Make Habits & Goals, Not Resolutions

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Another year is over. We are into 2017 now and I am pretty sure many of us would have compiled many professional and personal resolutions! With almost the entire year ahead, we might be tempted to dream big and resolve to do something- life changing or career changing.

“The problem with New Year resolution is that you are biting off more than you can chew”, Says Sean Williams, Executive Director, Supply Chain and Performance Group SMS Advisors. New Year resolutions tend to be related with the things you wanted to do a long time ago but you could not make time for these things in the past. Plus, we the humans have a very natural tendency of procrastinating and putting off the challenging tasks which results in delayed or unachieved results.

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Instead, Williams suggested that people take on their big dreams and break them into daily life goals. Challenging tasks will seem less daunting when you break them into smaller steps. This mind-set will also help you focus more on what’s more important on each day, instead of worrying about a deadline approaching on December 31st of that year, and allow you to achieve a taste of victory on every single day.

Nonetheless, you can read our blog Supply Chain Resolutions about what all things can you do and what all strategy can you adopt in 2017 so as to achieve something big.

This will probably look native to most supply chain professionals. I am very sure you have some checklists and schedules to follow for your company’s procedures. You just have to apply those structures to your goals or use them to help you develop some improved professional habits.


Let’s break down some of the professional resolution collected by Forbes into smaller and more achievable targets/steps that might even become habits by the end of the year.

  • I will network more. Stay in touch with your professional and business connections by reaching out with a holiday mail this week, asking them about their holiday weekend next week, and then setting up a goal of reaching out to one person each week that you don’t see on a day-to-day basis. You also can make new connections by dedicating one lunch hour a week by meeting someone spontaneously or through a pre-planned lunch.
  • I will maintain focus on my career goals. Preserve a focus on your career goals, such as earning a promotion or finding your ideal job, by dedicating merely half an hour at the beginning, middle or at the end of the day to work hard toward your next career step. In this time, you can compile a list of your achievements to discuss with your boss, research a new industry or submit a new application for a new position.
  • I will stretch myself professionally. Set small goals to learn something new or even something better- something that lies outside of your comfort zone. Consider participating in a cross-functional activity, seeking out a project-leadership role at your company or a volunteer leadership role at a community non-profit to gain new skills, taking a class, or joining an employee resource group or company sports team.

A new activity will open you up to a whole schedule of small, timely opportunities to grow.

Nonetheless, at CormSquare, this is the approach which we follow as our work-schedule with the result being phenomenal.

And be SMART about it!

Irrespective of your goals – big or small – have a long timeline to achieve – can be accomplished today only, the best goals are SMART. SMART basically is an abbreviation used for organizational goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant/Realistic and Timely.

For an instance, as Supply Chain Professional, your goal could be “I will start researching what certification program is good for me by February 1 and start studying by April 1.”

This is specific, measurable based on whether or not you achieve the different parts of the goal by your deadlines; achievable with the help of resources; relevant to you career & realistic in terms of achievement; and timely, because you plan to accomplish it soon!

So yes- be SMART, indeed!

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