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CormSquare’s Document Management System

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A Document Management System is a technology platform built explicitly to streamline the management of documents. CormSquare’s DMS is an altogether latest office automation system to help users automate the documentation of all the business processes with absolute ease.

No matter what, how complicated the task is, with CormSquare’s DMS, you can handle it smoothly in no time. Nonetheless, there are certain benefits of using a DMS. These include-

  • Easy management
  • Smart monitoring
  • Improved productivity

In the present scenario, most businesses deal/have to deal in paper cormsquare dms
documents, which create complications for the management. For ensuring a smooth flow of business, organization prefer to use automation systems. In that case, an advanced office automation system like Document Management System is a critical asset for every company to lower the risk and speed up the processes.

With the help of such office automation software, you can transform the entire process of managing the business information within your organization. You can efficiently perform all the tasks- right from information retrieval and document search to document control. Document Management System has lot of benefits for both, SMEs and large scale organizations.

  • It helps maintain compliance with the regulatory, quality and regulatory requirements.
  • It helps maintain and improve the efficiency of the business processes.
  • It helps eliminate the paper-based costs.
  • It helps ensure faster process-cycle time.
  • It helps maintain the consistency and repeatability of the different business functions.
  • It helps improve the business continuity planning to a great extent.

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Key Features

  • Document Storage- Physical document storage is one of the biggest problems the most organizations come across. It adds to the operational costs as indirect spend and the organisation has to hire someone to maintain those files as well.

CormSquare DMS offers easy storage in cloud where all the files are electronically stored. Since all the files are kept in a central repository, the users can easily retrieve documents with a quick search.

  • Document Workflow- This helps automate the process, route the information electronically and record an audit trail. A user can simply attach a document into a workflow and it will be accessible to the desired authority.
  • Document Search- CormSquare DMS is equipped with an advance feature which ensures every single document can be traced with a single click. This ensures that any of the files can be searched and retrieved at any point of time.
  • Document Security- Security is one of the critical aspects of any document management system. Cormsquare’s DMS will provide a high level of document encryption and role based access. It includes:
  1. Encrypted Documents
  2. Supports SSL
  3. User and Roles
  4. Modify Ownership

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